Since 2012, we have an Equality Committee promoting gender equality, ensuring fulfillment of the objectives in our Equality Plan, and assessing and implementing the plan’s measures.

Women hold 24% of the firm’s positions of responsibility. We are committed to achieving a 20% female partnership and 25% of women in management. We seek to remove all barriers hindering or slowing down women’s career advancement.

We have implemented several measures, including:

  • Renewing management committees, promoting female partners and managers giving preference to women if there are several eligible candidates.
  • Consolidating methods and a work culture that facilitates a work-life balance: promoting a rational use of time and flexible and co-responsible work.
  • Allowing female associates with children to reduce their target billable hours by 5%, dedicating that time to their professional development, particularly in the commercial area.
  • Encouraging the participation of female partners and managers in Promociona, a program for female partners and managers promoted by the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities and the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations.
  • Developing the “Women in Business” platform since 2014, as a meeting point to promote networking and women’s career advancement by holding training and events, and sessions on current topics.