We foment an innovation culture applied to the legal activity, which combines training, procedures and technological resources to contribute greater value and efficiency for our clients.

Digital revolution

Disruption and digitization
We advise clients from traditional industries on their digitalization and disruption processes. We are also experts in new business models based on technology and digitalization, the collaborative economy and ecommerce:  fintech, etravel, ecommerce, eservices, smart home and mobility.
Digital Skills for Lawyers
We have taken another step in our technology skills plan with our "Law for technology" and "Technology for law" programs, two training programs that provide our lawyers with in-depth knowledge of new technologies and their impact on business law.
Startup ecosystem
Thanks to our accelerator program for startups (over seven editions held), we have helped develop over 40 business projects, seeking out legal solutions for regulatory gaps and enabling us to learn from each business model.
We have created a specific group, the Knowledge and Innovation Group, made up of lawyers, academics and specialists specializing in R+D+I, to promote innovation when advising clients, in collaboration with specialized lawyers and though studying legal developments and market trends.

Innovation culture