Environment and Climate Change

Offering a wide range of integrated services and meeting the specific needs for specialization and industry knowledge required in any environmental case.

Our lawyers advise on matters relating to administrative, tax, civil and criminal proceedings resulting from breaching regulations that protect natural resources, the environment and flora and fauna, or involving historic heritage and land use planning. They also advise on environmental liability proceedings, and carry out due diligences and participate in negotiations to acquire assets and activities with significant environmental implications. We help implement corporate environmental compliance systems to prevent corporate offenses.

Our team covers all areas of environmental law: air, land and water pollution; waste disposal and management; atmospheric emissions; health and safety; noise and climate change. We are experts in advising on developing large-scale projects and on environmental matters related to the energy sector.

We have a team of experts who advise on direct and indirect environmental taxes.

Deep knowledge, capabilities and skills and a high level of commitment to the matters within the required deadlines.

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