Information Security Policy

Cuatrecasas information security policy

Cuatrecasas considers that information, particularly that concerning clients, and the different information-related systems are critical assets that must be protected correctly to ensure the firm's correct operation.

This security policy is aimed at enabling the firm to (i) guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of the information; and (ii) meet the applicable regulations and standards at all times, while keeping a balance between the risk levels and the efficient use of the resources by applying proportionality criteria. It provides a reference framework to establish information security goals.

This policy applies to everyone at Cuatrecasas, including support staff, directors, partners and lawyers, and the investee companies over which Cuatrecasas has effective control. Cuatrecasas will promote principles and guidelines coherent with that established in this policy in the investee companies over which it does not have effective control.

In line with the firm’s express commitment to continually improve the management system, General Management establishes the following principles of information security management:

This policy was reviewed and approved by Cuatrecasas Top Management on 10/24/2022.

If you need additional information on our information security policy or have any suggestions, please send a message to: