Continental Europe

As well as our leading position in Spain and Portugal, we have an office in Brussels. We are also part of a European network with leading law firms in France, Germany and Italy, and we have preferential relationships with firms from other countries.

From our Brussels office, we advise on EU law. Through our multidisciplinary teams in the German Desk and French Desk, we provide added-value legal advice. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of these countries’ jurisdictions and business cultures.

We have built a non-exclusive network, the European network, with leading law firms in their domestic markets: Gide in France, Gleiss Lutz in Germany and Chiomenti in Italy. We have over 2,000 lawyers in 27 offices across Europe, which enables us to offer a wide range of services, providing our clients with comprehensive advice on crossborder transactions, international projects and complex litigation.

Our well-established presence and our long-standing trust-based relationships with local law firms guarantee a seamless service across Europe and give us the flexibility to put together teams adapted to each type of transaction and our clients’ specific needs.

We have extensive experience advising on crossborder transactions involving other European countries and have led many multijurisdictional transactions, coordinating the work of different law firms.


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