Rafael Fontana and Jorge Badía take on decisive new roles as Senior Partner and Managing Partner in Cuatrecasas

April 5, 2019

Cuatrecasas, a leading law firm in Spain and Portugal, has elected Rafael Fontana as Senior Partner and Jorge Badía as Managing Partner. However, Jorge Badía acquires greater executive power and Rafael Fontana acquires more institutional responsibility. These appointments, which were put to the partners’ vote during the Partners’ Meeting held in Barcelona on April 4 and 5, are part of the succession process in the firm's governing bodies. The firm has also appointed 10 new equity partners and 6 counsel.

Rafael Fontana has led the firm since July 2014 and, eight months later, in March 2015, he appointed Jorge Badía to take on the firm’s second highest position. They have received wide support from the firm’s partners to continue in their key roles as Senior Partner and Managing Partner, leading the firm over the next four years, as well as to continue with the management and leadership tasks they have been carrying out over the last five years. With this change, Mr. Fontana, who will continue to chair the board of directors, will acquire more institutional responsibilities and Mr. Badía will acquire greater executive power.

This renewal in positions takes place after a year in which Cuatrecasas has presented a record growth figure, the highest in the last decade. In 2018, the firm achieved a 12 % increase and a turnover of €277.4 million. These excellent results are the outcome of a Strategic Plan launched four years ago, that focuses on people, giving greater added value to clients, and international expansion.

Cuatrecasas Senior Partner, Rafael Fontana, thanked the partners for their trust and expressed his support for the Managing Partner. “We are a centenary firm, with strong roots in the Iberian Peninsula, but, above all, we look toward the future. Four years ago, we launched the idea of transforming the business, and now we are reaping the results with historical growth, a strong team, and plenty of enthusiasm to continue to innovate. I know that Jorge Badía will continue to steer this ship in an exemplary manner, meeting every challenge we face. He has all my support and that of all the partners,” he said.

Cuatrecasas Managing Partner, Jorge Badía, has already explained some of the key concepts for his coming mandate. “I accept this position with plenty of enthusiasm, with the full commitment to continue to lead this project together with Rafael Fontana and the entire team. We will support those ideas that transform legal practice, listen and give way to young and female talent, and use new working methodologies that will make us more efficient. We will continue to grow together with our customers and our people,” he said.

Cuatrecasas also ratified the appointment of lawyer Soraya Sáez de Santamaría as partner in its Corporate and Commercial Practice, as well as that of Miguel de Almada as partner and coordinator of the Litigation and Arbitration Practice in Portugal.


New partners and counsel

Another highlight of the Partners Meeting was the appointment of 10 new partners and six counsel. These new additions bring young talent to the partnership and represent the diversity of practices and regions in Cuatrecasas.


Equity partners

Frederico Bettencourt Ferreira | Litigation and Arbitration (Lisbon)

He specializes in court and out-of-court dispute resolution. He has advised national and international clients on pre-litigation stages, as well as on court and arbitration proceedings. Between 2013 and 2014, he was a consulting attorney at the US law firm Arent Fox, LLP, and represented the government of East Timor in various lawsuits with international oil companies. 

Julio Brasa | Public Law (Madrid)

Specializing in town planning law, Mr. Brasa has ample experience in urban development and commercial town planning. He advises clients, from a preventive perspective and on an ongoing basis, on all areas of land planning, town planning and urban management, licenses and urban regulation, and expropriations, and defends them before the authorities and in the courts.

Gonzalo Jiménez de Andrade | Litigation and Arbitration (Madrid)

He has extensive experience in disputes relating to public and private works contracts and disputes relating to the construction and infrastructure sectors. He specializes in contractual liability and tort litigation with different public sector institutions, both in the civil and judicial-review courts.

Vanessa Pérez | Litigation and Arbitration (Girona)

She has extensive experience in advising companies, particularly advising on financial restructuring and insolvency proceedings, both from the perspective of the insolvency administrator and of the lawyer. She has taken part in many insolvency and debt refinancing proceedings of some of the main companies in the province of Girona.

Javier Sánchez | Litigation and Arbitration (Barcelona)

He specializes in advising companies going through crisis situations, both in the field of refinancing and insolvency proceedings. He has worked on a wide range of cases defending the interests of both debtors and creditors, and has represented the interests of investors in business unit sales processes within the scope of insolvency proceedings.

Javier Sola | Labor (Palma)

Working with Cuatrecasas since January 2007, he started his career as a labor lawyer in Madrid in 2002. He has been coordinating the firm's Labor and Employment Practice at the Palma office since September 2008, and has been leading the same practice at the Alicante office since July 2017. He has worked in the teams at the offices of Madrid and Barcelona.

Pol Solsona | Corporate Finance (Barcelona)

He has considerable experience in structured financing operations, both national and international, including corporate financing, acquisition and financing of road projects, infrastructures, renewable energies and public buildings. He has also led many refinancing transactions, debt restructuring and pre-insolvency situations, advising both creditors and debtors. 

Pedro Sotomayor | Finance and Tax (Barcelona)

He has extensive experience in advising large Spanish and international groups on corporate taxation. He is an expert in optimizing tax incentives for innovative activities. He has also participated in tax planning for corporate group reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, and business transfers; he advises large estates and advises family businesses on taxation.

Albert Trias de Bes | Corporate (Barcelona)

He has extensive experience in Spanish and international transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, management buyouts, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, corporate group restructurings, and finance and real estate law. He advises companies on all aspects of corporate law, on drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and agreements, and on investments projects in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Lourenço Vilhena de Freitas | Public Law (Lisbon)

With 23 years as a lawyer, Vilhena de Freitas joined the firm in 2005. He holds a Phd and is a university professor, and served as an adviser in several government offices.  Throughout his career, he has specialized in providing legal advice in public law, judicial reviews and mediation, particularly in the infrastructure, urban development, environment and energy sectors.



Telma Carvalho | Corporate and Commercial (Lisbon)

The main projects she has provided legal advice in recent years include mergers and acquisitions, incorporation of companies in the most diverse activity fields, as well as leasing of aircraft.

Gregor Erlebach | Labor and Employment (Barcelona and Valencia)

He specializes in individual and collective labor law, with extensive experience in drafting labor contracts, senior management and expatriate relations. He also has experience in dismissals, labor flexibility measures and corporate restructuring, and collective bargaining. He is authorized to practice law in Germany and Spain, and is a member of the Cuatrecasas German Desk.

Margarida Leal Oliveira | Corporate Finance (Lisbon)

She specializes in the banking, financial and securities market practices since 2014. She advises corporate and financial entities on debt restructuring matters, corporate financing, privatization and project financing transactions. She focuses her work on road, health, energy and PPP concessions.  

Miguel Ángel Malo | Litigation and Arbitration (Lisbon)

He specializes in civil liability, contractual and non-contractual, and especially in engineering and construction law. He is an expert in comparative contract law, lex mercatoria, and uniform law, and has extensive experience in commercial litigation, representing private entities before state courts and before national and international arbitration courts.

Sergio Ruiz | Litigation and Arbitration (Alicante)

He is an expert in business restructuring and insolvency transactions, and has taken part in many creditor arrangement processes (of companies and groups of companies), including some of the most relevant and complex processed in the autonomous region of Valencia, defending the interests of the insolvent debtor. He has also been appointed insolvency administrator of several creditor arrangement processes.

Bartolomé Sánchez | Finance and Tax (Madrid)

Mr. Sánchez has extensive experience in advising businesses and large estates on tax matters, particularly concerning family businesses and on the taxation of real estate transactions. He is a member of the Sports Law Group and specializes in taxation and hiring professional sportspeople and artists, the correct protection and use of image rights, and the legal and tax aspects of professional and sponsorship contracts.



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