Corporate Governance and Compliance

Value-added legal advice for implementing effective corporate governance systems, preventing legal risks, monitoring regulatory compliance and managing crises.

We advise on designing, developing and updating internal structures for the management and governance of listed and unlisted companies and corporate groups. We are pioneers and a reference advisor for managing corporate crises: we work closely with our clients to advise on and tackle their problems, including those relating to multijurisdictional crises, corporate disputes, internal audits and regulatory investigations, cybersecurity, and environmental and corporate governance challenges.

We also advise on defining, implementing and developing the mechanisms required to prevent legal risks and monitor regulatory compliance, including advising, planning and carrying out internal audits as a preventive or reactive measure when risk situations have been identified.

This specialized advice focuses on avoiding potential sources of legal and reputational risk for companies, particularly common in civil, administrative and criminal law. We design tailormade risk prevention mechanisms, focusing on the clients’ activity, structure, risks, culture and needs. Our lawyers and academic experts specializing in corporate law design and implement these mechanisms, together with experts in criminal, labor, tax, competition and administrative law. These mechanisms, which protect companies against potential damage, must be in line with the clients’ mission, vision, values and principles, fostering a culture of compliance across the company’s hierarchical structure and creating an image of transparency.

Our lawyers have extensive crossborder experience and knowledge of the international standards and requirements in the area of compliance. This enables us to advise on international cases, either through our own offices or by assuming the role of lead counsel while teaming up with top local firms.

Excellent track record in the design of corporate compliance policies for domestic companies and for larger foreign clients.

Chambers Europe, 2023