Sports and Entertainment

Comprehensive advisory services for sports professionals and entities, covering all legal issues relating to the sports and entertainment industries.

We organize our teams based on clients' legal needs and sports disciplines, advising on tax matters; contractual issues; remuneration schemes; the sale of clubs and sports organizations, and their corporate and debt financing; as well as representing and defending clients in sports litigation and arbitration.

We also negotiate all types of sponsorship agreements for sports professionals and clubs, championship promoters, and sports federations, covering the negotiation, renewal and termination phases, and contractual and tax aspects, including agreements that, by their nature, involve international issues and crossborder investments.

We regularly advise leading national and international sports professionals, clubs, entities and organizations from a wide range of sports disciplines, including football, basketball, motor racing, tennis and cycling. We have an active role providing multidisciplinary and international advice to F1 drivers and motorcycle racers, as well as to motor-racing teams from different categories.

We have participated in some of the recent contract signings and renewals that made a big media impact, and in high-profile court proceedings involving reputed sports professionals. We have also participated in negotiations between international federations and private promoters to organize and carry out international sports events.

We are experts in advising sports events sponsors, organizers and promoters, as well as bodies and public authorities.

In the area of sports entertainment law, we advise on all facets of the production value chain (audiovisual production, and music events and performing arts), advising producers and distributors, including their main suppliers (actors and directors), as well as private and institutional funders.

Our advice covers tax, contractual, intellectual property, corporate finance and labor matters. We represent and defend our clients in administrative procedures and lawsuits, advising them on the corresponding branches of law.  

We help national producers to design the best legal structure to suit their interests, considering the applicable regulations and particularly the tax incentives and aid under state, regional and Canary Islands’ regulations.

In the case of international audiovisual productions, we help negotiate and draft the main agreements, including co-production agreements and service provision agreements linked to tax rebates. 

We also advise potential private investors and intermediary entities on audiovisual production, and music events and performing arts, assisting them with pure investment structures and structures with tax returns (economic interest grouping, financing agreements), while ensuring legal correctness and risk minimization. 

We work with the main audiovisual production associations and regularly participate in meetings they hold with the administration to improve their regulatory framework and to promote the industry.

The team have an amazing ability to multi-task and bring the right people on every topic.

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