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The development of digital technologies and their widespread adoption in companies has been crucial for economic growth and innovation. The digital revolution has fostered the emergence of new players and business models, driven by the data economy and the greater need for information management capabilities. It has also brought about a significant transformation within companies across multiple sectors. Examples such as the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the trading of crypto assets, and the emergence of artificial intelligence systems have demonstrated the fundamental importance of digitalization. However, it also poses certain risks, particularly in terms of cybersecurity.

The significance of this process is evident at the economic, business and legal levels. The European Union has been actively legislating to address the legal challenges that these technologies pose. One recent example is the Artificial Intelligence Act, which aims to provide legal certainty and protect fundamental rights in the use of AI systems. This and other initiatives—already approved or underway—will have a direct impact on companies.

This collection brings together the firm’s publications and digitalization experiences from an integrative and cross-cutting perspective. It aims to assist you in staying up to date with the most significant developments and analyses in a constantly evolving field.


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