A practical discussion of ATAD 3 for U.S. multinationals and U.S. funds operating in Europe 

We are pleased to invite you to join us for a breakfast seminar on May 24. We look forward to discussing with you our take on ATAD 3, the proposed EU Directive aiming to introduce a threshold substance requirement for companies perceived by the European Commission as having “insufficient substance” in an effort to discourage and penalize their use. We will shed light on the surprisingly broad scope of the directive, examining the impact of this "unshelling" directive on the use of European holding companies in U.S. multinational and U.S. fund structures, while considering a variety of planning options and solutions to the practical problems likely to arise as businesses reassess their structures under this new framework.

Tax partners from six leading European firms will guide the discussion, sharing their insights and expertise with the goal of assisting our U.S. clients and law firm friends to carefully navigate the evolving European tax environment. Upon completion of the panel discussion, the speakers will be happy to make themselves available for brief individual or small group meetings with any attendees who would like additional targeted discussions about specific jurisdictions.


24 de maio de 2022 8:30 – 11:00 EDT (UTC -4)
Clara Colom Piera
+1 212 784 8800