Cuatrecasas resumes Women in Business forum with AI as protagonist


The seventh edition of the Cuatrecasas WiB forum addressed the impact of artificial intelligence on business models as its central theme

Cuatrecasas resumes Women in Business forum with AI as protagonist
October 20, 2023
Cuatrecasas has held the seventh edition of its Women in Business (WiB) discussion forum, aimed at women business owners, executives and directors. The meeting brought together over 90 attendees at the Madrid office on October 19, and addressed the main theme of the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on business models and the tools necessary to bring them to business success.

Under the heading “AI: Creativity over knowledge. Connecting the dots,” the speakers discussed the main challenges and opportunities of AI in the business field. Taking the capacity of AI to change current business models as the main focus of the event, they analyzed the possibilities of this technology to enhance team creativity, as well as the skills that are essential to adjust possible action strategies, combining creativity and knowledge, and connecting all this—as in previous editions of the Cuatrecasas WiB—with female talent.

Mariana Norton, Corporate and M&A partner at Cuatrecasas and the event organizer, welcomed the attendees and was followed by Javier Fontcuberta, managing partner at Cuatrecasas, who opened the ceremony. Asunción Gómez-Pérez, vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Doctoral Studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a member of the Royal Spanish Academy, gave a very interesting presentation as the keynote speaker.

The debate, moderated by Diana Rivera, partner in the Corporate and M&A Practice at Cuatrecasas and organizer of the forum, included the participation of a team of first-class speakers: Cristina Aranda, cofounder and CEO of Big Onion and cofounder of MujeresTech; Tomás Alfaro, CEO of Aegon Seguros; Ruth Falquina, cofounder and CEO of the Estado Latente agency; and Isaac Hernández, country manager of Google Cloud in Spain and Portugal.

“Artificial intelligence enhances our capabilities, but the key lies in knowing how to combine it with human intelligence and people’s unique qualities, such as empathy or critical thinking,” commented Diana Rivera during her speech.

Cristina Aranda asserted that, “as ironic as it may seem, artificial intelligence requires people who know what is essentially human.”

“Artificial intelligence is the new muse of the twenty-first century. It enhances our skills through co-creation, placing technology at the service of the human imagination. The important thing is not the technology but what you can do with it,” highlighted Ruth Falquina.

Promoted by Cuatrecasas, the forum is now well-established as one of its most notable commitments to promoting female talent and leadership, in an event capable of bringing together executives and businesswomen to discuss topical issues in the business world with top-level panelists.

October 20, 2023