Practical Guide - Decent Work Agenda

In this guide, we summarize the changes that have taken place and make recommendations on what to do
Practical Guide - Decent Work Agenda
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April 13, 2023

The Decent Work Agenda contained in Portuguese Law 13/2023 of April 3 has four main aims:

i)                    Encourage young people to enter the labor market and fight insecure employment.

ii)                   Complement the digital transition of business and regulate new forms of work.

iii)                 Relaunch collective bargaining.

iv)                 Promote work-life balance.

More than 150 amendments have also been made to employment legislation, the majority of which come into force on May 1, 2023. Nearly all employment law infringements will become administrative infringements, so understanding these changes and what businesses need to do to ensure they are compliant has become a matter of urgency.

This guide summarizes what has changed and makes recommendations on what to do in the following areas (which are most affected by the legislative changes):

1.    Professional internships

2.    Probationary periods

3.    Employment contracts

4.    Work-life balance

5.    Termination of employment contracts

6.    Digital platforms

7.    Algorithms and artificial intelligence

8.    Compensation funds

9.    Trade union activity and collective bargaining

10.  Construction and agriculture

11.  Increasing penalties and powers of inspection authorities

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April 13, 2023