Large-scale Litigation and Class Action

Proven results in large-scale litigation and class action.

Large-scale litigation and class actions are increasingly widespread in Europe, mainly due to encouragement by consumer organizations, specialized lawyers and third-party funders, and due to the short-term favorable regulatory perspectives.

The common factor in these types of proceedings is the high contingency risk for clients; they arise in situations that affect a wide range of individuals that coordinate themselves to file individual legal proceedings or collective actions, with the guidance of associations and specialized lawyers. The risk for our clients is very high due to (i) the direct financial impact of a possible unfavorable judgment, and (ii) the impact of these judgments on the other individuals affected. In the case of large-scale litigation, a negative trend in case law would encourage other individuals affected to file claims; in the case of collective action, the judgment could even affect third parties.

We are highly experienced in successfully defending clients from different sectors of the economy in large-scale litigation and collective actions, including companies in the automotive, banking, hotel, energy and online gaming sectors. This includes the most relevant proceedings in recent years, involving multijurisdictional elements and in coordination with foreign lawyers, successfully obtaining pioneering judgments.

In addition to in-depth legal knowledge, we have know-how on efficiently organizing and managing resources in these types of proceedings, as well as business knowledge in the areas where this type of litigation generally arises.

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Video: ¿podemos optimizar la elavoración de los escritos?

Video: ¿Podemos optimizar la elaboración de los escritos?

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