Mergermarket Portugal M&A Briefing

The Portugal M&A Briefing is planning its return to Lisbon in November 2021.

In this exclsuive event, we'll be diving into the latest M&A challenges and opporutnities in the Portuguese market with senior industry experts showcasing the latest developments and trends.

Attracting an unrivalled audience of corporates, private equity houses, banks and advisory firms from across the Portuguese market, this is the must attend event for those looking to build their network among the industry elites.


08:30 Registration and breakfast

09:00 Chair’s welcome remarks

09:05 Panel: M&A outlook in Portugal – surprising resilience and new capabilities 

While the Portuguese M&A market has been severely affected by the pandemic, there were high-value deals in specific sectors. The Portuguese pipeline is being driven by energy, infrastructures, technology, hospitality-leisure, healthcare and retail. Panelists in this session?will discuss assess how transactional activity has evolved because of the coronavirus pandemic and consider the key aspects of the new deal landscape. We'll share experiences on new and enhanced requirements for a successful deal, including a rebalancing of the risks and dealing with a higher scrutiny, rise in high-risk, high-reward opportunities and sectors that may see increased investment in 2022.?

Panelists will discuss:?

  • An overview of the development of the Portuguese M&A market
  • What lessons were learned from 2020? What?best practices will?practitioners take forward??
  • Drivers for divesting noncore assets
  • How investors can better position themselves in competitive processes
  • What will be the trends for last quarter of 2021 and beyond? 

09:45 Morning refreshments and networking break

10:15 Fireside chat: Reshaping the energy landscape

  • Capital raising and funding strategies for growth.
  • How is the race to decarbonization affecting M&A activity and what opportunities lie ahead.
  • Pricing deals in the current environment.
  • Emerging trends in Energy M&A deals

10:45 Panel:?Private Equity insights

Private equity market activity in Portugal was supported by ever-larger deals, but a reduction in volume. There is significant amount of dry powder in the private equity sector, which will lead to more deals, and it has elevated investors ESG enthusiasm.

The panellists?will discuss?the?key drivers of deal flow in?Portuguese?private equity and what the drivers?are?for?exit.?

  • What were the key-drivers for M&A activity - scale M&A and consolidation or access to new capabilities?
  • What type of deals are private equity firms considering for 2021 and beyond??
  • How are investors incorporating ESG factors into the investment decision making process?
  • What are the factors to consider for a?successful?buyout??
  • Which sectors have the most potential for increased deal flow???

11:25 End of conference 

Entidade colaboradora:

24 de novembro de 2021 8:30 – 12:00
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