Javier Fontcuberta is new managing partner of Cuatrecasas

Javier Fontcuberta, partner in the Corporate and M&A practice, is appointed managing director of Cuatrecasas during Extraordinary Partners Meeting
Javier Fontcuberta is new managing partner of Cuatrecasas
December 22, 2022

Javier Fontcuberta, partner of the firm’s Corporate and M&A Practice, is new managing partner of Cuatrecasas from today. His appointment coincides with the appointment as the firm’s vice chair of Luis Pérez de Ayala, partner of the firm's Public Law Practice. These appointments, announced during the Extraordinary Partners Meeting held this afternoon, complete the firm’s management. Rafael Fontana is the firm’s senior partner and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría is its deputy senior partner.

The partners meeting also approved the appointment of the members of the new members of the firm's board of directors. In addition to Rafael Fontana, Javier Fontcuberta, Luis Pérez de Ayala and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, the new board of directors includes Martí Adroer, Antonio Baena, Ignacio Buil, Idoya Fernández, Isabel Gandoy, Joanes Labayen, Luís Cortes Martins and Manuel Quinche—the first member from the firm’s Latin American offices—Juan Aguayo will be secretary, and the firm’s chief operating officer, Emilio Martínez, will continue as a guest.


New board of directors

Rafael Fontana, senior partner: senior partner since 2014, he joined the firm in 1983. During his long career, he specialized in family business group planning, as well as advising on tax, and on mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures of national and international business groups.

Javier Fontcuberta, managing partner: partner with expertise in commercial contracts, M&A in the industrial sector and corporate governance. He has supervised complex, international projects involving many jurisdictions, defining and implementing the legal strategy.

Luis Pérez de Ayala, vice chair: counsel for the state and partner of Public Law Practice, specialized in administrative and regulatory law, mainly in the energy sector.

Martí Adroer: partner of Corporate Taxation Practice, he is an expert in tax planning and consultancy for large business groups and individuals. He is president of the UIA's Tax Commission (International Association of Lawyers). 

Antonio Baena: partner of Corporate and M&A Practice and international area coordinator at Cuatrecasas, he is an expert in M&A, risk capital, and corporate and securities market matters.

Ignacio Buil: partner of Finance Practice and coordinator of the firm’s Restructuring, Insolvency and Special Situations Group, he specializes in financing and refinancing transactions, advising companies, financial institutions and investment funds.

Idoya Fernández: counsel of Corporate and M&A Practice and head of the Knowledge and Innovation Group, she manages a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, academics and technicians, dedicated to R+D+i, with the aim of guaranteeing legal advice of the highest quality.

Isabel Gandoy: partner of Corporate and M&A, she is an expert in venture capital transactions and joint ventures, and company sales and acquisitions; she advises on corporate law and on business group restructuring, and on commercial contracts.

Joanes Labayen: counsel for the state and partner of Litigation Practice. He specializes in complex proceedings, particularly in the finance and construction sectors. He coordinates the firm’s Spanish office network.

Luís Cortes Martins: senior partner of Cuatrecasas in Portugal; until 2022, he was managing partner of SCLM, a Portuguese law firm that merged with the firm. He is an expert in M&A transactions and in strategic business decisions.

Manuel Quinche: partner of Finance Practice, he specializes in structured financing, the financing of projects and infrastructure, and in M&A transactions. Managing partner of the Bogotá office, he has participated in the most complex transactions in Colombia and with the highest values.

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría: counsel for the state and partner of Corporate Practice. She specializes in implementing efficient corporate governance systems, legal risk prevention, regulatory compliance and crisis management

Juan Aguayo, secretary: partner of Corporate Practice, he specializes in equity capital markets and has in-depth knowledge of the functioning of securities markets. He has designed the corporate governance systems of a large number of listed companies.

Emilio Martínez: the firms’ chief operating officer, with over 20 years of experience in the legal sector, particularly in management, and in financial and strategic planning. 

December 22, 2022